Connecting with the Port Gamble S’Kallam Tribe of Washington State

This is Janel McFeat and Shared Vebber, Project Manager and Case Manager respectively for the Port Gamble S’Kallam Tribe Re-Entry Program of Washington State.
It was an incredible experience to meet with Janel & her team on May 2nd about their program which is recognized nationally for the broad and innovative steps it’s taking to make sure that once individuals are released from prison or jail, they stay that way. There simply aren’t enough words to describe how compassionate, empathetic & flat-out determined this woman & her team are to reduce recidivism & deliver a knockout blow the epidemic of #MassIncarceration that has for far too long plagued this country …
LawrenceSpeaks is clean amazed to be offered the opportunity of partnership with this organization, to be given a seat at a table that will both amplify & strengthen our voice, mission & cause & we consider it an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with them to assist wherever we can with their much needed initiatives. Now comes the ascension, my friends … WE. WILL. NOT. LOSE.

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Team Pow-Wow

Met with the team last evening for a bite and massive collab session. The ideas and synergy that came about were just AMAZING.

I’m learning along with my team that building a movement like this is NOTHING like putting together your standard business venture where, basically, you have a defined product or set of products, a target consumer group & a numbers-based “model” & “marketing” plan designed and refined with the best way to get those products into said consumers hands in exchange for the bottom line …
The issues that this movement rallies around are socially complex, politically ambiguous and aren’t sequestered to one particular social or economic class in terms of their broader social impact.

The target is constantly moving. The cause of #JuvenileJustice & #CriminalJusticeReform is one that’s passionately advocated by many and fiercely opposed by even more. In this lane, in the realm of activism, one cannot measure forward movement only by interacting with those in agreement, rather, one MUST engage with the opposition for success to occur for that is the very nature of activism, to persuade hearts and minds, which takes guts, empathy, great patience and a genuine passion for the cause.

So I’m both thankful for & amazed at the brilliance & professionalism of the individuals who have been pouring everything they’ve got to this point to insure that going forward, while it is not and will not be easy, we will never lose. Thanks for everything Taylor, Sid and Amanda!

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Sobering Stats

Of the 34,000 #juveniles currently incarcerated in #America, 7,200 of them are locked up for “offenses” that aren’t even considered crimes?
(Source: The Prison Policy Initiative)

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