#NewYork #StockExchange ticker symbols for Corrections Corp. of America and GEO Group, two publicly traded private prison companies. Now, if you know anything at all about stocks you know that for a company to be publicly traded and especially on an exchange as venerable as #NYSE, that company has to be making SERIOUS BANK. Point is, #MassIncarceration is an extremely profitable business in the United States of America. Therefore, it makes sense that our lawmakers, both #republicans and #democrats (#BillClinton’s 1994 Crime Bill & #RonaldReagan’s War on Drugs), who are traditionally so damn beholden to #WallStreet, would formulate laws to send as many individuals as they possibly can through the meat grinder that is our #prisonsystem.
Take my case for example: When I was convicted in federal court in the early 90’s, I HAD NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE BEFORE. In fact, I had just gotten honorably discharged from serving in the United States Armed Forces. So, after serving my country with distinction, like a fool, I broke the law. Being a 1st time offender, no one thought I would get much time. But as the process wore on and when sentencing day finally came, it turned bad. I remember the Judge telling me that he “had no choice”, that discretion had been taken out of his hands in the matter and because of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing laws (imposed by the Clinton Administration, by the way) that he had to impose the 130-month sentence on me.
Now, why would our politicians make such laws? Laws where our judges, who are in the courtroom with these defendants and have a real sense for the needs of each case, can’t even give what they feel is the appropriate sentence, which, in essence, is the whole reason a judge sits on the bench in the first damn place?
They did it to feed that corporate beast. They did it and STILL do it for money. Our young people are being set up in a most disparate & unfair manner for the proverbial slaughter that is our prison system and in many cases ALL FOR A DAMN DOLLAR. Do the crime, do the time? Yes. But the time given should be fair & not motivated by greed.

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