… And Counting

The number of individuals currently incarcerated in U.S. #prisons. By far more than any country in the world.
2.2 million incarcerated. Doesn’t count for the well over 4million on #probation or #parole & definitely doesn’t speak to the tens of millions of families & friends of these individuals affected by their incarceration.
Some say, “Well, they shouldn’t’ve did the damn crime …” This is indeed true BUT the epidemic of #massincarceration in this country is NOWHERE NEAR THAT SIMPLISTIC. Laws are skewed in favor of certain economic classes and stacked against others.
For example: A minority caught with as little as 5 ounces of #crackcocaine gets, on average, 30 years in max security federal prison whereas not one #wallstreet #ceo responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown that destroyed countless families & sucked billions of dollars needlessly from our economy has seen a single day inside a jail cell. NOT. ONE. SINGLE. DAY. This is the ugly & disparate truth of our #JusticeSystem.
We absolutely believe people should be held accountable for their wrongs but the punishment should fit the crime & no one should be above said punishment.
So, when I consider this number, over 2million souls locked away & the tens of millions of friends & families connected to them I think this:
The number of individuals who may frown upon my story or anyone who has a story like mine, FREAKING PALES in comparison to the ones who can relate & the ones who need help & hope.
And so it is in this light I encourage everyone who may read this, whatever your passion is, whatever goal or mission constitutes the weight of your heart, speak your truth boldly, clearly and unapologetically. Don’t fear the frowns or rejection because for everyone of those, there is a veritable army waiting in the wings to not only help you along your path but to accelerate its trajectory beyond what you can even imagine. Bottom line: it’s impossible to lose when we walk in our truth. So get after it, fam & STAY AFTER IT.

Connect with us to learn more about our mission to reach our at-risk and incarcerated youth!

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